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The following may be viewed by clicking on the pictures or the text links.

Dancing Elephant

The Dancer

A little bit of a silly movie.  This was one of my first low-poly 3DS Max models that I did away from a book.  I later added more real imagery around it.  They didn't quite match well when I first rendered them, so I put a soft filter that kind of made them mesh better.



Copper - Head

Once proposed to be our home page since we are diversifying ourselves, and for some reason some of our new customers don't like snakes.  Ok, we have customers now who don't like snakes.  This would include my mom.  The animation would loop so it last longer than 2 seconds.  


Tank Redux

Tank Redux

This uses a mental ray render with the hidden line effects.  This effect gives an outline of the important features of this very low poly tank, which in turn gives a minimalist animation.   It pares the image down to its most important parts.


Forever Knight

Forever Knight

The model of the horse and the knight aren't mine.  They are actually used for a tutorial.  I instead rigged and animated them to produce this more unique scene.  I mapped in the background to get it more real.  I also wanted to light a dusk setting, trying to get a low visibility feel along with a reflected light that allowed you to see what was still going on.


Another World

Another World

This movie started out as just a one image illustration, then moved to a story board, and then to 3-D model, and finally to an animation.  It's original intent was to present another world that was not like our own.  This is why the animation isn't going to feel real comfortable.  It was meant to be surreal since the world itself should feel foreign.  The animation is a  little grainy because I had to downscale the original due to file size.  I have the original which I can send out to you if you are interested.  Watch out it's 120 MB, so high RAM (and high speed download rate) is needed.


PC Tour

Want a roller coaster view of a PC.  Here it is!  This was used to demonstrate that you can use nice material maps to make up for very simple geometries.  I only modeled about half of the PC.  I downloaded the maps from the web. ATI, feel free to sponsor me.


Snake Time

Copper-head Default

Ah, the default movie to enter you into our sight.  This is the answer to the promise on the old Computer Generated Images Page.  Although, I'm still improving it.  I'm not quite in love with the spline solver through the lighted part.  Watch out for the snake.