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Hello, and welcome to the Art Home Page.  We do freelance and contractual work usually during the off season of summer.  However, we can usually work quicker pieces anytime of the year.  We offer these in three areas: Fine Art, Animation and Modeling, and Computer Generated Images (static).  All art on this site was made and owned by CopperHead.

Fine Art Most of the Fine Art is done by the owner, David Maruszewski.  He has developed an eclectic style that allows for a diversity of piece types.  You can reach an example of the Fine Art Page here.
Animations Modeling and Animation pieces are done in 2D or 3D.  For examples of this work, see the Animations Page.
CGI Computer Images are generated with a host of software and can be made to special size or file type.  For some examples of Computer Generated Images, click here.

If you have interest in using us for any needed work you may e-mail us.

Thank you.

Art Home