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Computer Generated Images


Eye Strain

Eye Strain

This picture was going to be on the cover of a small periodical.  However, the printers didn’t think that they could get the dark subtleties.  It would have ended up coming out too muddy.  As it is, this looks best on the old fashion CRT monitors.  You might have to lift your head about six inches to see what was originally intended on a LCD/Flat Panel monitor.

Movie Billboard

This was actually designed to be quite large, the size of a movie poster.  I figured that I'd shrink it down for you.  Making it smaller unfortunately relieves the detail.  However, it still should be an attention grabber.  Eyes have a way of getting us to look back.  The scene was meant to denote mystery and some shock, as it was meant to be used for a take off on the "Bride of Frankenstein."


Semi-Low Poly Superhero

Iím currently working on this on the side. I wanted it to be a male superhero style of body type. It will be used for an upcoming animation and still. Sorry about the no head or hands. It's still unfinished.


Circles and Spheres

This digital photo was stripped down to almost only its edges.  The angle of the photo let the onlooker see prevailing circles and/or spheres.  Simple curved geometries were meant to create a serene feel


Phong and Bump

The 3 dimensional model beginning of an animation on the animation page. This was a happy accident. The look has a nice 3D Logo feel to it. That's not what I intended.



Our personal favorite.



Not Art - Unit Cell Model

A 3-D finite element model used to find void growth in steels.  This was deformed eventually animated and supported work for one of my former papers.  It now is used to show the similarities between finite elements and 3 dimensional modeling like Maya and 3dS Max.  Elements, anyone?

Broken Snake

Broken Snake

Another early website image.  It was hand drawn and then digitally manipulated. Not necessarily the most artful, but we like the lens effect.


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