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Types of Games

Most of our games are free.  Our ultimate goal is to bring medium range games to people for free or for smaller fees than a large game.  Medium means many things in this case.  This means medium graphics (due to cost constraints usually), medium length and medium price range. 

Medium length is the ultimate goal.  As an aging gamer, I’ve noticed new trends of on-line play or super time stealers.  We’d like to offer games that you can play at your pace that you can get done in a reasonable time, without forgetting the plot in the middle.  We recognized that many games are not made this way.  We’d like to fill that market.

We’d also like to make more mature games.  This does not mean sexually explicit or foul language games.  This means for people who want more out of their games than button mashing.  That’s not to say that a good button masher is bad.  We’ll have more than a couple of them eventually, but that is not our focus.  We’d like to explore other aspects of games like strategy, puzzles, exploring, unpredictable AI, outside challenges both in terms of combat and non-combat, etc. 

We hope that you will like what we have to offer.  If you have any troubles with the games, please email us, and we’ll take a look at them ... eventually.