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Battle for the US

After the economy collapses due to greed of companies and spoiled high middle class individuals, it doesn’t take long for people to group themselves based on their nationalities.  All trying to find some superiority over the other in order to justify their greed and empowerment, war becomes the standard.  Pick which nationality that you would agree with, and try to retake the country under one leadership.

Our first TBS with graphics, this game uses the Axis and Allies style of gameplay.  I used the free TripleA game engine to create it.  Since it is under the TripleA structure, multi-play is also available. 

INstructions are in the /doc folder.

Advanced directions come with the game.  Double-Click on the above downloadable installer file.  It will set the game up through your start menu.  For $5, we can specialize the parts of the game to your liking.