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The Games

Welcome!  You can enjoy any of the games below.  Almost all are free!  Just follow the links in the table below.  But first, read this:

Starting a Game

When you download a game, please run it through your virus checker.  We make no malicious or intrusive code in any of our games, but we post our site on the web, and thus open ourselves up to compromise.  Our hosting company is very secure as well, but it’s best to play it safe.  Thank you.


Our Games

Game Type


Command prompt Games

If you’re looking at the links below, you’ll probably notice that these are the most prevalent of games that we have.  Not only are they simple, but like the Flash, I teach this often in school.  Here, we’ve been creating these to work out larger issues, practicing techniques, preparing examples or projects for class or just to enjoy some light coding.

Text Based Games

One of my favorite types of books to read in my youth, these similar games give you a list of choices that carve out a story and adventure.  It differs from the old Text Games in that we generally give you an idea of what to type.  No more typing 15 variations of equip sword in order to actually equip it.

  • (Sorry, none yet, but a couple are in production)

Mods and Levels

These are just fun things that we’ve done for … well, fun.  If you have the original games, feel free to download these for … well, free.

Turn Based Strategy

This will eventually be our bread and butter.  One reason we’ll do this is that we like them.  The other reason is that this is a neglected genre.  If you enjoy a good board game with an enriched environment, these will be for you. Like chess, each of these games requires that each player (or computer) plays a move or turn, and then it moves to the next player.

Flash Games

Being a teacher of gaming at Hagerstown Community College, it’s hard not to use Flash.  Hence, when I do examples in class or try to learn more about Flash, I end up with a half—made game.  I’ll polish them up a little for you.